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Who We Are

Pet Tooth Fairy is a top-rated clinic in Northern California specializing in professional, anesthesia-free teeth cleaning for dogs of all sizes. Our experienced veterinarians and hygienists utilize proven animal behavioral techniques in a relaxing environment so your pet will experience a more natural dental cleaning alternative.


We are just a pack of dog-loving hoomans and will treat your dog as if they are part of our family. We love our patients so much it’s hard to see them go after their non-anesthetic teeth cleaning appointment!


How does this whole thing work?

At-Home Preparation

Most dogs are highly adaptable to having their teeth cleaned. If you have been brushing your dog’s teeth at home, Great Job! If not, we encourage pet parents to begin working with your dog to get them more accustomed and comfortable to having their mouth, teeth and gums touched. This desensitization will reduce the potential anxiety for your dog with having a "stranger" work in their mouth.


Before the Appointment

Your pet’s medical history is an important introduction to help us prepare for your appointment. We need to understand any pre-existing health conditions, prescription medications they are currently taking, or any other health concerns, and request a copy of your pet’s full medical history from their primary veterinarian to ensure transparency and best recommendations for your pet. We require records from your veterinarian showing current Rabies, DAPP and Bordetella vaccinations. The more information you can provide to us about your pet in advance will help our veterinarian assess if your dog would be a good candidate for our non-anesthesia teeth cleaning procedure. 


Safety for Staff and Patients

For the safety of our staff and our other pet patients, and as required by many public dog parks, grooming facilities, doggie daycares and boarding facilities, aggressive behavior towards other dogs or humans is not allowed.


During the Appointment

We start with our many years of experience to create a calming environment for our pet patients using relaxing music and aromatherapy. Next, we give your dog time to get acclimated to our environment and with our staff. Then, we find a comfortable position for your dog to help them relax. We use a variety of animal behavioral techniques, gentle proprietary holds, and massage to keep your pet comfortable and calm. We then gradually and gently introduce them to the teeth cleaning procedure. For some dogs, if needed, we can give them a break during the cleaning process. Most pets easily achieve a peaceful state and are quite comfortable. Our staff also enjoys providing your dog with lots of pets and praise while they wait for your return.


Check Out Process at Clinic

We will create a detailed medical record for your pet and review this information in detail with you at time of check out. If there are any concerns that require follow up with your primary veterinarian, we will document it, and as a member of your pet’s healthcare team, we will forward a copy to them to ensure continuity of care.


Post Appointment At-Home Care

Regular cleaning of your dog’s teeth is vital to help assure a long and healthy life. If you make dental care a part of your pet’s healthcare routine, you will protect them from developing a litany of avoidable health issues including periodontal disease (gum disease), and this simple act can safeguard them from other serious illnesses such as heart, liver and kidney disease. We offer a variety of products to help you care for your dog’s teeth at home, including toothpaste, dental sprays, dentals gels, dental chews and related products. We are always happy to discuss home care techniques and best practices with pet parents. 


Our Locations

Our current physical clinic in Vacaville is conveniently located just off I-80 (Leisure Town Road exit). While we care for your pet, you can shop or relax at the Vacaville Premium Outlet Stores, the Nut Tree shopping development, Kohl’s, Home Depot or Starbucks which are all within a mile of our clinic location. 


Exciting News! We are exploring new locations in 2025! Follow this space and bookmark this page for more specifics on exact locations, days and hours of operation in the coming months!

Schedule an Appointment

Due to popular demand, we have relaunched our online scheduling system! you can click the red Schedule Appt button below and select the date and time that works best for you, pay the required $65 deposit, and even upload current vaccination records for your dog. As we all have busy lives, you will receive email appointment reminders 1-week, 4-days, 2-days and 1-day before your appointment, as well as receive a confirmation call (and maybe text message) from a member of our team to ensure you are ready for the appointment and answer any last minute questions you may have.


Connect with Us

Join our community and our pack by connecting with us on a variety of social media platforms including: facebook and Instagram. You can also read and share your comments on our customer review sites including: yelp!, and Google reviews.


Contact Us

Have a question? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions or email us at

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