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Non-Anesthetic Teeth Cleaning for Dogs

Pet Tooth Fairy is a top-rated clinic in Northern California specializing in professional, anesthesia-free teeth cleaning for dogs of all sizes. Our experienced veterinarians and hygienists utilize proven animal behavioral techniques in a relaxing environment so your pet will experience a more natural dental cleaning alternative. 


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Luck O’ The Dog Contest WINNER!

The winners of our Luck O’ The Dog Contest have been announced! These pawsome pups have brought smiles, laughs, and a sprinkle of luck to our lives. From fluffy furballs to energetic tailwaggers, the competition was fierce but the winners have emerged! Our furry winners have proven that luck is not just a four-leaf clover away. With their adorable St. Patrick’s Day attire and personality filled photos, they captured the hearts of our Team.


Join us in congratulating these pawsitively amazing winners and celebrating their well-deserved victory. Stay tuned for more exciting contests and events this year. And remember, when it comes to luck, all of our dogs are the true stars of the show!

Meet Our Winner!

Connor is a 12-year old Irish Setter and is no stranger to looking his best and dressing up for the camera! We received quite a few pictures of him dressed up for several holidays and events throughout the year, as well as showing his agility skills and overall irish handsomeness! Connor wins a free non-anesthetic teeth cleaning appointment and we can’t wait to see him soon!

Meet Our Runner-Up!

Dodger is a 7-year old Yorkie and looks adorable in his full St. Paddy’s Day outfit! And don’t let his size fool you - we understand he is quite animated and has quite a large personality! We look forward to seeing Dodger soon, and he will receive 50% off his next non-anesthesia teeth cleaning appointment.

David Sandoval -1 - Dodger.jpg


Updated Vaccination Administration Policy effective 3.16.2024


Pet Tooth Fairy (PTF) is committed to protecting the health and safety of all patients, customers, employees, and other individuals within PTF’s facilities, and provides an environment that is free from potential exposure or infection from canine-carried viruses. All patients must be current on Rabies, DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus) or DAPP (Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus) and Bordetella at the time of dental services. If a patient is current and requires updates on boosters that have not yet expired, we are happy to update them based on the discretion of our veterinarians, the age, breed and overall health of the patient at the time of the appointment. If a patient has vaccinations that have expired, we will not be able to see the patient and will refer the customer to their primary veterinarian. Once the patient has received all their vaccinations, we will be happy to schedule a dental cleaning appointment 14 days after their last vaccination.


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